What all do you have to remember when you decide to move? Especially for that AA Movers have compiled a checklist. At the bottom of the page are a few useful tips if you prefer to pack your effects yourself.

2 months before the move

  • Cancel you rented accommodation in writing.
  • Book some days off from work.
  • Do you qualify for financial contribution from your employer? Check!
  • Organise Removal Company
  • Inform the present school and get information about schools in the new neighbourhood/area.
  • Order new furniture, curtains etc, if applicable

One month before moving

  • Sent change of address.
  • Inform authorities not mentioned on the change of address card.
  • Inform gas/water/electricity of move date and re-connection at new address.
  • Enroll children at new school.
  • Look at you insurances, do they need adjusting?
  • Inform doctor and dentist.
  • Inform bank.
  • Inform sport clubs and associations.
  • Order removal boxes.
  • Get the central heating and boiler in the new house checked and serviced.

2 weeks before moving

  • Pack items never or hardly ever used.
  • Keep out tools which may be needed on day of move.
  • Arrange a date and time for exchange of keys.
  • Organise childcare for day of move.
  • Keep rubbish to one side and arrange for collection of large items to be disposed of.

1 week before moving

  • Place important items and valuables in safe.
  • Clean new house.
  • Organise parking for removal van.
  • Organise repayment of deposit of old house.
  • Open new payment account.

One day before moving

  • Take children and pets to sitters.
  • Defrost and clean fridge/freezer.
  • Take water out of washing machine/clamp drum.
  • Pack computer securely.
  • Remove all cables, nails and screws (lights, stereo etc).
  • Get cash you may need for moving day from bank.
  • Loosen carpets.
  • Pack washing.
  • Dismantle wardrobes and furniture if necessary.
  • Put tools in accessible place.

During move

  • Read all the meters (gas/water/electric).
  • Take fuses.
  • Remove name plate.
  • Keep cash in handy and safe.
  • Keep keys in a safe place.
  • Decorate new accommodation.
  • Get professionals to install cooker, boiler and washing machine.

After the move

  • Get empty boxes collected.
  • Clean old house.
  • Hand in keys to old house.
  • Find new doctor, dentist and pharmacist.

Packing your self?

A few useful tips

  • You will receive special boxes, removable stickers and packing paper from AA verhuizers.
  • Clearly mark with sticker on the side of box the contents of box and which room.
  • Pack plates, dishes and the like in paper and put upright in box.
  • Lightly pack glass items.
  • Pack books as much as possible on their spine and do not make the box too heavy.
  • Do not pack open bottles, oil etc in boxes.
  • Blankets, linens etc can be packed in specially provided big boxes.
  • Your hanging wardrobe items can be transported by AA verhuizers in special hanging boxes.
  • Pack glass table tops, paintings, computers and other fragile items in special packing materials.
  • Lock down appliances etc for transport (e.g. washing machine, computer).
  • Remove all cables, nails and screws (lights, stereo etc).